A downloadable game for Windows

InsideDBook is a game where you enter a book and kill people in the book. The game is a third person hack and slash game where you pick up a weapon and kill people.


- Random procedural dungeon

- third person combat

- different enemy types

- different weapon types

Game playable on Windows.

Update 0.1.1:

- fixed a bug where an enemy can still attack players when dead.

- added controls instructions in game

Update 0.1.2

- fixed a bug where the loading screen would disappear before level finishes loading

Update 0.1.3

- new ground texture
- dualsword attack speed increased
- greatsword attack speed decreased
- added new weapon: bow
- players now cannot move when attacking so no more weird sliding

Update 0.1.4:

- bow and gun now have limited ammo
- added UI to view weapon details
- added dungeon floor called pages, each dungeon level ascended counts as a page

Update 0.1.5:
- added minimap

Install instructions

The download is a zip file so you need to extract it first by right clicking the zip file and clicking extract here. Then to launch the game double click InsideDBook.exe


InsideDBook v 0.1.5.zip 26 MB

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